Daniel K.

My wife and I hired Coastal Celebration as our wedding planners. We actually didn’t expect much because we have a short time to prepare for the event. But still, my wife wanted to make our wedding perfect and look simple yet grand and beautiful. The Coastal Celebration did a really good job and they were able to make me and my wife happy. We didn’t expect too much because of the lack of time yet they managed to make the event really stunning. We’re both really thankful to all the people who became a part of our wedding and those who made this dream wedding of ours come true.

Trisha P.

I really would like to thank my friends for recommending this company to my husband and I before we could even find another wedding planners way back. We really loved their services and I feel so glad I contacted them as soon as possible. There was a lot of time to prepare and they were also able to make my dream wedding come true! Even my husband was satisfied with their services. Thank you, Coastal Celebration for giving us the perfect wedding and event! Next time, I’ll recommend you to my friends who will get married soon, I’ll bet they’ll love your services too.

Dina B.

After looking for wedding planners for months, I finally found this company! I am really picky when it comes to people who will make my wedding and organize everything so I’m glad I met one of this company’s former client! They said this company was really good and I don’t doubt it, especially now that they are working for me. The wedding planners are very detailed in everything and they make sure nothing is going wrong with the preparation. We’re still working for the event but I’m really excited for my wedding because I know it will be a blast!