About Us

Coastal Celebration was founded and created by a couple a long time ago. As a couple, living a happily married life, they also dreamed of a perfect wedding day. They though it will be the most important day in their relationship since it’s the day that they will be one. For them, they could not let this event be too simple. They wanted to make it grand and as elegant as they can. The couple faced hardships in planning this important event because they never get to find the things they were looking for. Everytime they searched for a place and venue, they were not satisfied and the same goes for other minor things.

about us

The soon-to-be-wife was the one who could not make up her mind for a very long time. They even had to postpone their wedding because of problems in organizing the event. However, after a few months of deciding and really making sure that everything‚Äôs settled, they managed to find the perfect people who were be able to make their dream wedding come true, themselves. Even though they knew about organizing events like this, they didn’t want be stressed before their wedding but since the bride could not make up her mind all the time, it came down to the couple doing the planning by themselves. But of course they didn’t do all the work, they managed to get help from a lot of people and that’s how they achieved the perfect wedding.

Years after that, they decided to open their own business because people who attended their wedding loved everything they did for the event. Some wanted to even hire them as wedding planners and consultants. That was when Coastal Celebration started –making people’s dream weddings come true just like how they managed to make their own wedding perfect.